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2013-12-25 11:51 AM
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Northern IL
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Revolver, because of course Revolver.

2013-12-26 12:43 PM
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2000500100100100100 home in The ATL
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Good bye, old group.
2013-12-28 8:31 AM
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Playmobil31's Group - Open

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2011-12-18 3:37 PM playmobil31
date : June 14, 2012
author : IndoIronYanti
comments : 4
MAPS is Meditation, Acclimatization, Practice, and Strategy, which are key for giving you the confidence and skills to execute the open-water swim in a triathlon well.
date : September 15, 2011
comments : 0
Don't be scared for the swim! Gain more confidence for your open water swims with these tips
date : November 16, 2009
author : FitWerx
comments : 1
Should I remove the PD Jammers bars and ride it as is, set-up for riding in the drops and hoods? Should I run my Easton Orion II wheels or my Hed Jet60 C2's for IMWI?
date : October 15, 2008
author : AMSSM
comments : 0
I've had shoulder problems since the very beginning of tri training. I did see an ortho who took x-rays and said I have a type II acromioin. I'd love to know some stretches to help my flexibility.
date : October 11, 2007
author : Ron
comments : 0
Training program for the minority triathlete wanting to put on some extra muscle mass to get buff for next years triathlon season.
date : June 11, 2007
author : Courage
comments : 8
What is it that brought me to my knees one Sunday morning and then kicked me into a hole of self loathing and apparent depression? My apparent salvation was my old blue Fuji Royale II.
date : September 3, 2006
author : acbadger
comments : 0
The off-season is the best time to fine tune your skills and prepare yourself for the next season. It is also time for you to gain some strength and get a little rest after a long season of training.
date : September 2, 2004
author : Michael
comments : 0
If you develop a strategy for the off-season, you can go into the next season stronger than you ended the past season.