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Subject: Title: Last minute entry in the London Triathlon for free – no fundraising target
KIDS have places available for this years London Triathlon, the largest triathlon in the world, take part and help raise vital funds for KIDS.

This year we’d like to invite you to join the KIDS’ London Tri team for FREE! Run, cycle and swim as part of the KIDS team; you can sign up either as an individual or create a team. The London Triathlon is the ultimate challenge and an experience not be missed.

There are four entry levels in the competition, to challenge different sporting abilities, so there is something for everyone!!

Your generous support will help KIDS to meet the needs and aspirations of a new generation of disabled children and young people and their families. You'll be helping to develop both the thinking and services that create an inclusive world for disabled children, young people and their families.

The deadline for registrations is Friday 5th July, so please act fast if you’d like to take part. For more information or to register your place please email Katerina.Bompou@kids.org.uk
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Other Resources My Cup of Joe » Title: Last minute entry in the London Triathlon for free – no fundraising target Rss Feed  

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