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Subject: Retro-Tri bike! 1993 Softride Power V
I bought a Softride Power V back in 1993 (medium size) - it's the original monocoque frame with Specialized composite wheels, nine gear cassette/DuraAce system that still works great today. It has a Chris King head set and Speedplay titanium pedals - can't remember the exact model name but they are the titanium ones from that period. It also has bar-end shifters.

I took the bike to Seattle for the Escape from the Rock triathlon there (kind of disorganized event, by the way, but fun) and in packing for shipping, a small indentation was made about 1/4 inch deep in the thick part of the monocoque frame. I rode with that for five years but came across a composites class at Kansas State University who agreed to make it good as new - for free! However, that one side was now unpainted. A friend who is in the auto body business painted it such that the black "flares out" into a "Mini Cooper Gray" along the edges.

Had to stop running because of knee problems so I switched to cyclocross/gravel grinding (if that makes sense with a knee injury) and a different bike and way of thinking though my heart still lies with triathlon. I'd like to get down to four bikes. I'm asking $949 but will consider a reasonable offer.

Guaranteed people will ask about this bike - especially younger people who weren't around when Softride was the cool bike to have.

If you're interested let me know and we can exchange numbers...

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Subject: RE: Retro-Tri bike! 1993 Softride Power V
Yes - I'm interested - can you send me some pictures -
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