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2013-06-27 1:29 PM

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Gilbert, AZ
Subject: Anthem Sprint Triathlon : Official Thread
I live in the Southeast valley (NW Gilbert). Given the distance to Anthem, I'd love to carpool with someone if possible.

2013-08-17 4:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Anthem Sprint Triathlon : Official Thread
I'll be there! Unfortunately my car is all full.
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date : November 9, 2009
author : TexasHeatRunner
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At mile ten I heard a noise like I had gotten paper in my spokes or something. I looked but saw nothing but a few seconds later my rear tire blows out.
date : June 3, 2009
author : Amy Kuitse
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Are these races too close together to give me any sort of recovery? Will I be spent and unhappy racing back to back weekends and then again two weeks after that?
date : September 8, 2008
author : pjwalzphd
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When I told my husband that I planned to work toward completing a sprint triathlon, he smiled and was supportive, but a bit disbelieving.
date : April 1, 2008
author : trvw
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The challenge? The accomplishment? I want to do this because it is an opportunity to live life. The event is an indoor sprint triathlon. I get to experience the challenge on a safer scale.
date : February 12, 2008
author : mikericci
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This plan is designed to make you go faster. 3 workouts per week in each sport, 2 days of strength training and core work. The maximum volume is around 10 hours toward the end of the 12 weeks.
date : September 3, 2006
author : acbadger
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Since your “A” race is your marathon, which you stated in your question, this should be your main focus. I encourage you to taper a bit for the sprint distance triathlon.
date : June 4, 2006
author : Rich Strauss
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I was not an official; I simply observed the race and the officials doing their thing. Here is what I saw:
date : August 30, 2004
author : Ron
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Couch-to-sprint triathlon training programs to get you over the finish-line of your first triathlon.