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2013-07-01 8:51 AM

Subject: Training nutrition
Here is a question for everyone:

When training do you have a specific nutritional / eating schedule or menu that you follow?

After a training session I typically find myself very hungry and was wondering if anyone had any before / after tips that they would like to share.

Thank you

2013-07-01 6:33 PM
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Lenexa, KS
Subject: RE: Training nutrition
I don't have a super strict nutritional plan that I follow, but there are a lot of similarites day by day and it goes a little something like

Breakfast: My protein pancake/waffles with natural peanut butter and honey

Mid-morning snack: protein bar

Workout 1: (Varies by sport, typically 1.5-2 hours long) - G2 Gatorade, G2/Water Mixture or Accel Gel are possibilities for tougher/longer workouts

Lunch: Often leftovers from the night's dinner before. Typically a lean meat and some kind of simple carb side (white bread sandwich/buns, little dessert type thing for a quick glycogen restore, can't go too heavy on the simple carbs here)

Afternoon snack: Something complex carb related like a Kashi bar or two, depends on how hungry I am

Workout 2: (Usually much shorter for the day, 15-45 minutes depending on the activity)

Dinner: Chicken (or pork, some lean meat) vegetables, fruit

Late Snack: Complex carb like the kashi bar again usually, on heavy workload weeks sometimes this will be a chicken sandwich if I'm craving meat. On occasion a small bowl of ice cream.

Rinse and repeat. There's always little variations but I try to focus on making the protein component the center of my main meals since its what is going to be doing the work repairing muscles. Plus excess protein is going to get converted to glycogen or fat as necessary so its tough to have too much for most people.
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