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2013-07-16 11:09 AM

Subject: Infinite Cycles
Based on some feedback from those on this forum, I went to Infinite Cycles in Herriman to start shopping for a new bike. About a week ago, I went in there to check it out and to kind of test them. I'm no pro when it comes to bikes to biking, but I do have a basic knowledge. So, when I went in I acted as if I were a total beginner with hardly any knowledge at all. Never once did they try to sell me something I didn't want, nor mislead me in any way shape or form. They really listened to what my purposes for the bike were, and even offered other options that I would never have considered.

Anyway, I went in for a fit yesterday and was equally as impressed. I can't wait to get my bike either today or tomorrow.

2013-07-17 9:27 AM
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Herriman, Utah
Subject: RE: Infinite Cycles
I bike with several guys from the team as well and the owner and the shop guys usually are right there too. Although it's tough to beat online prices I try to buy from there as much as I can because they are a good shop.
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