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2013-07-23 7:50 AM

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Subject: Garmin 405 during Races
I *think* I am referring to the 405 here (I'm at work now) - its the one that looks like a watch and has the wonky bezel. Does anyone else wear it during a race? It is water proof (or at least resistant).... I would like to wear it for pacing information on the run but I thought perhaps I would just wear it throughout at a watch.

Anyone race in theirs?

Thank you in advance!!!


2013-07-27 9:05 AM
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Subject: RE: Garmin 405 during Races
It is water resistant for running in the rain. It is not waterproof for the swim. I had a 405cx when I first started doing tris and would put it on in T1 for bike mode then switch to run in T2.
2013-08-01 2:36 AM
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Costa Mesa
Subject: RE: Garmin 405 during Races
It has no setting for bike, and will die in the water if you try to swim (wheel also goes nutty if it starts to rain, but will not destroy watch). It's basically only good for the run part. It does do instant run pace a lot better than the 910, so I left it in T2 and put it on with my shoes to use for the run part.

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2013-08-01 11:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Garmin 405 during Races
The 405 does have bike mode. Try this:
2013-08-02 9:52 AM
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Subject: RE: Garmin 405 during Races

I've raced with my 405 a number of times.  

I OWS with it, putting it into my bathing cap.  But, that's purely for swimming- so I know how far/long I went.  I don't use it for race day in the water.

Instead- leave it strapped onto your bike.  Set up a cycling screen- one that gives you speed in mph, distance, hr, time- whatever fields you want.  Then set up another screen for running- giving your HR, Pace, etc.

There are a few tricks.  The first is how you're going to start it when you get to T1.  Some turn the 'auto-off' part "off" and use the autopause feature- so it just sits there and waits, and then starts automatically when you start moving your bike.  Me- I don't like to use autopause during a race, as then the times don't match.  

So, I just hit the button when I arrive at T1, and by the time I've got my helmet and shoes on, it's ready to go.  I'll start it at bike mount for timing my ride (you don't get your T1 time tho'). 

the tricky part is moving it from your bike to your wrist, before the end of the ride.  might want to practice this.

hitting the lap button as you enter end exit transition will give you your T2 time and your bike/run splits.  

it works.

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