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2013-07-26 3:29 PM

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K-Vegas, NC
Subject: injury 13 weeks out
So I’ve been having some pain in my lower abs, especially at the beginning of runs and when sneezing. I have had a history of hernia so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t developing another. I went to my doc and he ordered an MRI to check for possible sports hernia. Results came back:

Your MRI shows that you have a tear of your abdominal rectus muscle on the left. You also have a stress fracture of your right pubis and a stress reaction of your left pubis.

The only pain that I have felt has been on the left side which is clearly coming from the tar in the muscle. Had it not been for that muscle tear, I would have never known about the stress fracture. The pain is not that bad…scale of 1-10, about a 7, but just when I start – it loosens up as the run goes on. On the bike I feel nothing abnormal…same in the pool except for pushing off the wall and doing flip turns.

I'm 21 weeks into Don Fink's Competitive Plan that abides by all of the typical training protocols. I built up to iron level training with several half's and a full marathon this past winter. IM SO FRUSTRATED right now I can't stand it. I've been so dedicated and put countless hours into this event - it was/is?? to be my first 140.6~

Am I going to have to bag my iron on Oct 26th? Could I get away with swimming and biking for the next 6-8 weeks, hope the stress fracture (and torn muscle) heal and then get back on my feet for five weeks - three of which will be "taper" weeks? Not looking for any doctor's advice, just maybe some common sense comments that will help me decide where to go from here.

2013-07-26 4:25 PM
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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: RE: injury 13 weeks out
sorry man...that doesn't sound good.

you've probably searched around for info already, but here's a thread that might apply:

what would I do? definitely lay off the running...if swimming and biking don't hurt, then yeah...go for it and hope for the best.
You might want to hear what the Doctor says anyway...

OTOH, I'd have a bail-out option in mind, in case the stress fracture doesn't heal in time. Good luck!!
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