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2013-07-31 1:10 PM

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Essex, CT
Subject: Hip popping after bike ride
Lately I have had an issue with my right hip popping whenever I finish a ride on my TT. It's gradually getting worse and is affecting my training (and may have been the cause of my not finishing the run in my last Olympic distance race). I'm going to take a test ride on my road bike tonight to see if I get the same popping, but I am going to guess that I probably won't due to the difference in the geometry of the bikes. Has anyone ever experienced this, or know what tweaks I should make to my bike (or form) to alleviate this? I've had the same bike set up for the last two seasons and this problem just surfaced about a month ago. It's affecting my IT band and my knee when I go out for a transition run. And my power output on the bike seemed lessened today (which is also when I experienced the most post-ride pain). I do have arthritis in my hip and I am sure that's part of the problem, but there must be something I can do. I don't get this hip popping when I have just a run day.

2013-07-31 2:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Hip popping after bike ride
I've been having similar issues with my right hip. While it never hurts during or right after cycling, it can act up later on in the day or the next morning. Sometimes it acts up when I run, but not all the time. And it gets bad when I sit for too long - especially in the car.
I think my IT band was really tight and rather than pulling at the knee it was pulling at the hip. Since I've started doing stretches for my IT band as well as piriformis stretches, hip flexor and psoas stretches my hip is much, much better.
I like the stretches in this video -
and on this website -
Hope these help.
2013-08-09 1:25 PM
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Essex, CT
Subject: RE: Hip popping after bike ride
Thanks for the links!
2013-08-09 2:38 PM
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Subject: RE: Hip popping after bike ride

hmmm.  well, I'm no expert and I really don't know what's going on with your hip.  but when I was having hip issues I tried lots of stretches.  They felt great when doing them, but ultimately only gave me looser hips and resulted in more pain to the point where I couldn't walk without a serious limp.

took a break from running, ditched the stretching, and started doing hip strengthening exercises.  strengthening and tightening the hip is what worked for me.

guess it depends on what is 'popping'.  

2013-08-09 8:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Hip popping after bike ride
Stretching never worked for me when I had this issue.
After months of trying to figure it out myself I went to a chiro, which helped a bit. He told me I had immobility in my SI joint.
Shortly thereafter, both my trainer & a massage therapist recommended I try out a foam roller. Best fitness equipment I have ever purchased!
Now I spend time rolling out my lower back, hips, IT band & quads any time I feel a twinge of pain. Haven't had anything more than normal exercise-induced muscle aches since I started using it. I'm a believer in the foam roller
2013-08-09 9:02 PM
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Saigon, Vietnam
Subject: RE: Hip popping after bike ride
While stretching and strengthening might help in general, if it's only happening after you ride your tri bike, then maybe it's a fit issue? Particularly if it is affecting your power output on the bike, it's probably not the best position for you. I'd go back to where you fit or purchased the bike and explain the situation; they would probably be able to tweak the fit for you.

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