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2013-08-12 10:52 AM

Subject: Largest Triathlon Community in Canada
Hi Everyone -

This is a very random but important question - which city in Canada has the most active fit people? More so, which city in Canada has the largest triathlon community?

I ask because I'm moving to Singapore in a couple months and soon after about a year, I may end up in Canada to run a business. I have the freedom to pick the city I want to live in and I want to pick the city with the most fit and active people.

I live in DC right now and according to Forbes, DC is the ranked the #1 fittest city in America. Although surprising, if you live in DC you get spoiled by just how fit people are. It's a small tight growing community and I simply love it.

Also, DC doesn't accrue much snow. I heard that Toronto's weather conditions are horrid. I can see Vancouver and Victoria having little to no snow.

According to MSN

Thoughts everyone?

2013-08-19 11:19 PM
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Subject: RE: Largest Triathlon Community in Canada
Running away from all the gunfire keep many fit in DC.

I'd say the North Shore Triathlon Club is the best in Canada.
2013-08-21 2:30 PM
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Vancouver, BC
Subject: RE: Largest Triathlon Community in Canada

Having never lived anywhere else in Canada, take my response for what it's worth. I would guess Vancouver/Lower Mainland or maybe Victoria/Vancouver Island. It's pretty well known joke that Vancouverites don't stay up late to party because we've all got to get up early for our morning workouts.

You could probably search the users in BT and see where the largest concentration in Canada is from. Or which Canadian forum is the most active.

2013-08-21 3:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Largest Triathlon Community in Canada
Based on my experience of living in Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, Chicoutimi QC, & Hornby Island BC, and just by visiting and speaking to people from the rest of Canada, I Would definitely say Vancouver is the most active and "outdoorsy" city in Canada.

Maybe not for tri's (I just don't know) but just for being active and spending time outdoors, definitely.

Also Vancouver on average gets less snow than DC, and what we do gets is gone quicker than DC as well. It frequently won't even stick on the ground at all, so even though it technically snows it is too warm for there to be any snow on the ground at all (on average there is only 4 days a year that don't have highs above freezing). This makes Vancouver ideal for runners as you can train year round (as long as you don't mind rain, which we get a lot of in the fall).
2013-08-22 11:28 AM
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Vancouver, BC
Subject: RE: Largest Triathlon Community in Canada
I actually don't think I had to cancel any rides last year due to snow. Usually, I think there is only a couple of days a year that I don't ride due to snow.
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