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Subject: Family goodie bags on race day
A year or so back, i saw a thread regarding folks that presented their spouse and kids with goodie bags the day of the race to help pass the time while they are waiting...i searched but can not find it, so if anyone can point me there, great...but if not, what have you prepared for your spouse/kids for race day? Special t-shirt, cow bell, special snacks?

My first HIM is in September so want to get this prepared ahead of time!

2013-08-13 12:54 PM
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Subject: RE: Family goodie bags on race day

I've done these in the past. Depends on the age of the kids, but I included things like: sunscreen, chapstick, wet wipes, anti-bacterial gel, gum, candy (not chocolate - tootsie rolls, gummy worms, nuts are all good), sidewalk chalk, bubbles, temporary tattoos, glow sticks/necklaces (for night finish) cowbells, re-usable water bottle, rain poncho, Starbucks gift card, personalized t-shirt, hand-written thank you note, bike/run course maps with directions/estimated times of arrival.

One year I made a photo scavenger hunt for the kids (got the idea from BT) - included a disposable camera for each of them and typed up things to snap pics of like: someone in a red jersey, coolest bike you see, someone volunteering, you or your brother cheering, sidewalk chalk art you made, Aunt Lisa running , etc.

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Subject: RE: Family goodie bags on race day
I made some for my friends children  I put in glow sticks (It was an ironman) candy, chalk etc. Also I had brought a bunch of magazines which entertained them greatly.  If they are open to it volunteering can be great fun and will keep them entertained.
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Subject: RE: Family goodie bags on race day
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