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2013-08-16 3:58 PM

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Chicago, IL
Subject: Cycling 101?
I'm currently on the shelf all season as I recover from a pretty significant injury that will prevent me from swimming, weights, crossfit, and running for some time. When I start rehabbing my injury, I'll be limited to just a computrainer for a month or two, and then perhaps some outdoor riding. I figure now is the time to "learn" how to ride. I've always been able to ride a bike, but I know nothing about proper technique, racing strategies, trainimg methods, power meters, etc.... I've just rode. This year was supposed to be my first year of doing full IM races, but my injury set that back a year. I figure now is the time to research, educate myself, and figure out a training/racing strategy for triathlon cycling. I'm browsing through articles and forum posts and it seems so so in-depth that I don't know where to start. Does anyone have a good recommendation for an article/site/source to use as a starting point? Any good training plans or programs to check out?

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