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6 Hours in Hell'na - Run

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Helena, Montana
United States
92F / 33C
Total Time = 5h 59m 8s
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  • 5h 59m 8s
  • 25.54 miles
  • 14m 05s  min/mile

6 Hours in Hell'na Timed Event
First off, yea for timing my last lap just right. They only "counted" complete laps so only have 52 seconds left over is nearly excellent timing. I guess I could've walk the last bit in, but that "Geez, imagine if she'd ran the WHOLE race like that?" strong finish is kind of my trademark.
This was pretty well executed. My goal was to get in 25 miles during the event and I made it just a bit further. Ok, so the thought did enter my mind to push just a bit more for marathon distance, but I suppressed it since that brought up negative emotions about how it wasn't that long ago (Jan. & Dec. 2010) that I've ran 4:12 marathons and here I couldn't even go the distance in 6 hours. I need to focus on improvement from where I'm at and be glad I'm not actually starting from "scratch". Even though my speed is not near what it was, my mental game is stronger than back then.
The course was a .8 mile loop around a pond on crushed gravel and a little bit of sidewalk. The path was wide enough that I didn't mind wearing headphones and finished a book the first 4.5 hours and rocked out the rest. I regretted not having my gaiters with me, but pulled over only maybe five times to empty rocks. Only two really small hills. I think something in me connected the place to El Dorado Lake because I felt strongly "at home" and "at peace" even though it was sunny (at 4,00ft, so fierce intensity, but not crazy fierce) and 92 degrees. Hey, that's the part that probably made me feel like I was back in Kansas :). I didn't know the temp until it was over, but kept telling myself it was probably "all of 75 degree" and not to overreact. There was a little shade and I specifically walked most of those areas to benefit from it, but did start squirting my head with water the last couple hours, but part of that was to curb the urge to "over drink". This is the saltiest I've been in a while (once accidently rubbed some salt chunks from my face into my eye. Yooowsa!!) and I tried to eat some salty foods and did take one endurolyte from the aid station, but could've stayed on top of it better. I only brought two sport beans packets and ate them at hour 2 and 4. I knew I'd be fine for the 25 miles doing just about whatever, then thought about puking at Vineman, then tried to NOT think about puking at Vineman, then decided that I better pay a bit more attention so I didn't puke today. Honestly, I might've been in a bit of nutrition/electrolyte/hydration trouble though if it'd been a 50 miler or longer. I plan on carrying more with me at Bear though, so not too worried for the future. My heels (especially left) are a little tender afterwards and my shoes are almost new, so not sure what that's about. I really liked the loop set-up. I thought it'd drive me a bit nutty to run it 30ish times, but it was great. Overall, pleased with the running part. I really felt like I hit my stride a couple hours in and then pretty much held it with just a bit more walking the last half hour.
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Bellingham, WA
Subject: RE: 6 Hours in Hell'na
Wow!! A .8 mile loop.  That is just crazy.  I did a race yesterday on a 2.6 mile loop and I thought that was a hamster cage.  That must have been really tough.  Congrats on your finish.
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