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2013-08-22 6:10 PM


Subject: IM strength training
Can anyone give advice towards strength training?? Doing Ironman Frankfurt next July and wondering is lifting weights and good way for strength and conditioning? If so what sort of program would use suggest doing??

Any help would be great.

2013-08-23 7:42 AM
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Subject: RE: IM strength training
Lifting weights is good for strength and conditioning. Not as useful for triathlon training. If you are asking if you should lift weights specifically to prepare for your IM, the answer is probably not.
2013-08-23 8:49 AM
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Subject: RE: IM strength training
Thanks for the advice
2013-09-28 8:18 AM
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Subject: RE: IM strength training
For an ironman? probably not necessary to do much lifting for actual strength training as it's commonly understood.

You should still try to lift once or twice a week (one upperbody and one lower body session maybe), just to try and stave off muscle and strength loss, because training for an IM is highly catabolic.

As for what exercises, squats and deadlifts on your lower day 5x5, presses and pullups on your upper day 5x5, throw in a bit of core work if you want to, done.

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Subject: RE: IM strength training
Bet on functional training:

- plyometric exercises like squat and jump, burpees, step ups, squat to a bench, lunges

- core: plank, plank with rotation, bird dog, hip thrust, knees to chest in plank position, ab rollout

- some whole and upper body exercises for chest, shoulders and bike

push ups
close grip push ups

do this 2-3x week, depending on the phase you are (base 3x, base II 2x and competion specific phase 1-2x)

I like to get together PUSH / PULL movements

PUSH - squat, push ups, close grip push ups

PULL - deadlift, row, pulldown or pullover

and 2 core exercises

don't go to far on reps, 8-10 well done reps are better than 15-20 with feather weights!
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