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2013-09-24 6:22 AM
in reply to: MI_Mumps

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Subject: RE: Hi
Hi All!

Trish here...I'm with Team Fraser, been racing for 6 ish years and love doing Tri's. Racing IM #4 in Arizona on 11/17/13, signed up for IM #5 at MT. Tremblant next August. Did I mention I'm addicted?

Oh, I'm also a serial hugger. If we've met, we've probably hugged. Just ask Jeremy...he was one of my victims at Belle Isle last week.

I train at LTF, ILRA, Stony (a lot this year) Kensington,am lucky to swim long OWS in Lake Erie and run just about anywhere.

2013-09-24 3:56 PM
in reply to: TrishM

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Subject: RE: Hi

Hello all, Chris here.

Live in Ferndale and train mostly at Island Lake.  Been doing this for about 3 years now.  

Did my first XTERRA this summer (Torn Shirt short course)as well as my first Olympic distance (Island Lake Summer Race).  I'm dealing with a couple of injuries right now but I should be cleared to run in early October.

Right now, plans for next year are to do the full Torn Shirt XTERRA and at least 1 Sprint and 1 Olympic.  We'll see how the training goes.

2013-10-04 3:07 PM
in reply to: JHag

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Subject: RE: Hi
hey all...I'm Neal from the Lapeer area. My wife and I got into tri's last year and have been laid up this year with nagging injuries, although we seem to be doing better and plan on kicking in with training again. We did the Apple Cider Century (37 mile leg) last Sunday as a kind of starting point.
2013-10-08 12:50 PM
in reply to: MI_Mumps

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Subject: RE: Hi
Hi! I'm Mitch and I live in Troy. I've only raced Sprint's but am looking to go further next year. Planned to do Tawas HIM this year but work and family got in the way and I decided to do a run focus summer in prep for hopefully a PR at the Freep HM in 12 days!

I swim (loosely defined) at Life Time Fitness in Troy. I run all aorund the Troy area and will continue to do so through the winter (weather permitting - I don't run on ice). Cycling is largely a basement trainer activity but would love to get back out on the Mountain Bike trails. In the spring I plan to hit Stoney on a regular schedulewith my road bike.

Always happy to meet up with local folks for training.

2013-10-16 6:36 AM
in reply to: trisuppo

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Chelsea, MI
Subject: RE: Hi
Chris here. Live in Chelsea and work in Ann Arbor.
I'm a finisher not very competitive. Did my first IM this year at CDA. Next years plan is all 50m ultras. I plan on doing the full series of DWD races. Mostly train in the Chelsea/Pinckney area.
2013-10-16 7:41 PM
in reply to: maverickbassets

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Subject: RE: Hi
Sam here-
Taking an off-season at the moment, but I've been at this triathlon thing since 1995. Translation: Old guy.
Anyway, I have a Michigan based podcast if you want to check it out for grins and giggles. It's called Tri Briefs you can find it on iTunes if you look it up by name, or here is a link...


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