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2013-09-03 4:18 PM

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Austin, Texas
Subject: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)

Wondering what the experiences BT folks have with this issue.  As "injuries happen," I figure there must be a decent repository of stories on what has worked... and what hasn't. 

I know it also depends on the injury (bony vs. soft tissue vs. etc.), so post whatever yours has been, if you're so inclined, and how it went.

I just strained my hamstring (biceps femoris pelvic insertion) and am going to wait on running at least until there is no pain in the middle of the night when I roll over.  Tongue out  Ahem... actually, I can bike and swim with no pain, so will do that until I can also externally rotate my knee pain-free.  Then I will start with a mile and see how it goes (a bit less than the 17 of a week ago - argh, I HATE not being able to run!).

Better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than making them all ourselves (learned that one in flying!), and from their successes, too.


2013-09-03 4:27 PM
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Gilbert, Az.
Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)
Ruptured my Achilles a little over a year ago. Had excellent rehab folks, but it was still 4ish months before I could run at all (And limited distance then), and a few more months before I could bike off of the trainer.

I will say that pain is not always the best indicator. Many people have high pain tolerance or generally don't feel pain. The best thing to do is know your body, which just takes time. If something feels "off" or not quite right, then you should pay attention to it.

Start it back, and if you are pain and funky feeling free, then get back to it! If you get twinges or a sense that something isn't right, back it off a bit.

2013-09-03 4:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)

this is the big question, isn't it.  If I didn't run every time something hurt... I'd never run!  

And- I've proven to myself that I resemble the aforementioned note- i.e. that I can run through pain enough to do some serious damage to myself.

As for post injury... I started cycling and running again- the moment I COULD.  The first day I got up from bed, and could walk without a limp, or serious pain... is when I slowly started back in.

And- every morning is still like that.  If i can... I do.  

2013-09-03 4:58 PM
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Bellingham, WA
Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)

That is a difficult question and one that I do not think really has an answer that one can rely upon.  Even armed with all the medical diagnostics available and professinal consultations it is still less than a perfect science.

The human body is just too unpredictable.  You might get some good general guidelines but there comes a time when a leap of faith is what gets me going again.  I always take it very, very easy coming back and will reduce or halt my effort if I sense something is not right. 


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2013-09-03 5:15 PM
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Austin, Texas
Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)

Just to clarify my original post, I'm not looking for advice on when I should come back (agree that it's too individual, and the interwebs aren't the best place for advice on a specific situation - not looking for that).

Rather, I was asking people for their own experiences.  These can be generally helpful, as I suspect we often make similar mistakes.  So, notes of caution or, like the above, what has worked for people can be at least entertaining - and maybe even helpful.

Perhaps I shouldn't have even put in the original post that I have a hammy strain, but that's the reason I am thinking about the more general question - and also partly why I have time to post it.  Undecided

Was hoping more for war-stories - good and bad - than anything else!


2013-09-03 5:34 PM
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Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)
I've had two bad running injuries-- first was a foot injury, the second was achilles tendonitis. With the first I was off for about six weeks before restarting, and it took me about a month of walk run to get back to it. I was pretty much starting over at that point, but it came back relatively quickly. With my second more recent injury, it was much worse. When I thought I was ready, I wasn't. I first took off a month, then later another almost two months, but kept having relapsed of pain. After six months or so I finally felt like I could run "normally", but still had to be really careful with it. Only in the last couple months or so (almost a year later) do I finally feel like I can run without risking relapse.

It's so hard to judge and you get conflicting advice from so many people.

2013-09-03 6:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)
Well, I have a pretty good example. I was ramping up for my toughest race season ever in early 2012 when I was accidentally bowled over by my 70 lb puppy while carrying a bale of hay. I ripped apart my lisfranc joint (the main, weight bearing joint in the foot). I had surgery to put it back together (3 screws), was in a hard cast and non-weight bearing for 3 months. Then I started rehab with the screws still in my foot and I walked with a boot for another two months. Then I had the screws removed because they hurt like hell and really limited foot movement. It was another couple of months of PT before I was released to run again (10 months post injury). I wanted to run out of the building after that appointment but I restrained myself!

When I finally started to try to run the problem wasn't just with my foot, it was the rest of my body. My hips, back and even shoulders were messed up from months of either walking with crutches or in a boot or even just limping. And my poor foot was ridiculously weak and could barely take a full day of walking, nevermind running any distance.

I tried to start running with just 1 mile runs or less, but everything hurt and everything kept getting aggravated. I tried doing other sports (cross fit, weight training, etc) while continuing to ride my bike, but I kept having issues. Eventually, I decided to give Pilates a try and that was a HUGE help for me. By working on strengthening my entire body in a very controlled environment with very controlled movements, I was able to get strong enough to start doing other things without constant stupid and nagging pains. I stared a real running training plan again at the end of July 2013 and I am finally feeling like I am starting to make real forward progress. I've got a HM planned for October and it'll be my first non-cycling event since the injury.

Triathlon again in 2014.

The part that I keep thinking about when my foot aches is that this injury is most common among running backs and windsurfers. I can't imagine how I'd do EITHER of those types of sports now! Tennis is really difficult on my foot (I can only take about 30 minutes of it before I have to stop) and when I tried stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii, I had to quit after only a hour or so because my foot was exhausted! I'm glad I'm too old for rugby now otherwise I'd probably be giving that up as well.
2013-09-03 6:57 PM
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over the rainbow
Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)

Soft tissue injuries took me out most of 2010 and half of 2011.  Tore the gastrocnemius of my left leg.  More like shredded it.  Spent months in PT and on what was supposed to be my last visit for the left leg the right one went haywire.  Seriously, kept me in PT another 3 months.  

When I was injured I kept swimming, then as I was allowed I added in biking on the trainer and easy rides in the area.  Gradually released to walk run intervals and then built back over a LONG time.  I did a lot of strength training to work on the balance, strength and some other issues.....

It takes a lot of mental effort to stick to the slow rehab process, but it was definitely worth it.

2013-09-03 6:58 PM
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Redlands, CA
Subject: RE: Post injury, how did YOU know it was time to train again (and how did you start)
Just remember, there can be a huge penalty for coming back too early.

I've been injured many times, and I've always added 2 weeks to when I think I should return.
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