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2013-09-05 12:26 AM

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Subject: Volunteer Saturday - earn a free entry for another event!
Hi - we're still in need of two volunteers for the Littlefoot Triathlon on Saturday at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood/Morrison. Help out from 5:30 until 11-ish, and you'll earn a free entry into any Racing Underground event you choose this year or 2014. Email to claim your spot. Thanks!
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author : lmscozz
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My experience as a volunteer at a sprint triathlon. My reasons for arising before the sun were not to work out, but to volunteer. I wanted to give back to a sport I’m learning to love.
date : February 8, 2007
author : mscotthall
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Everyone and anyone that has ever raced in a triathlon should take it upon themselves to volunteer at just one event next season. It is an eye-opening and inspirational experience.
date : November 27, 2005
author : acbadger
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Know that base training is not a component of training that is going to necessarily make you faster, but it will make you stronger and give you more endurance to last through the longer races.
date : October 2, 2005
author : AMSSM
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Knowing where the fluids are, how they will fit on your bike, how much to reach for, and when to reach for it should be understood prior to ever setting foot on the course.
date : July 31, 2005
author : Mottyl
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I had read the articles on BT, I'd trained, and I thought I had prepared. There were, however, a few things that I didn't internalize despite what I'd been told.
date : February 28, 2005
author : Ron
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Triathlon traning programs and plans from sprints and olympics to 1/2 and full Ironmans
date : January 24, 2005
author : Rich Strauss
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Your training schedule should be based completely on the hours you have available to train, not necessarily on the number of hours you "need" to train.
date : September 2, 2004
author : Michael
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Are you only focusing on racing and training this season?  Volunteeri to help at a triathlon!