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Subject: ironman training
hi .
couple of questions . what is the general feeling on swim training. i have heard some say that swim training should be just that, swim training as it is necessary to get used to swimming for long periods and working on technique whilst swimming . or should there be a heavy influence on drills to iron out the technique. my first ironman is july next year. when should i go into base training . iam still competing and in a couple of weeks i have my final race of the season which is roughly olympic distance.
cheers for any advice

2013-09-07 1:44 PM
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Subject: RE: ironman training
i'm training for a half iron right now - but figure it is probably going to be the same when I start Iron training...I do 3 days a week, 2 days a week are various drills (i.e. 5x100m w/ 15 sec rest; 10x50m kicks only etc) and then 1 day a week is a long swim (800-1200m continuous) - obviously distances will increase for an IM

there are several books out there with swim drills you could use
2013-09-07 1:55 PM
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Subject: RE: ironman training
thank you . good luck buddy
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