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2013-09-12 12:09 AM

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Subject: HELP!! Race in 2 weeks, swollen stiff knee...
Okay so I was at work today walking around my classroom, then sat down to enter grades into the computer after school. As soon as I get up, I can feel that my knee is stiff for some reason though I have done little running or cycling (I know shame on me for not training more). I go coach my son's soccer practice and do little running at all. I come hoe and sit down after dinner and my knee just balloons up to almost the size of a softball. I have the LA Tri in 2 weeks and want to put my best foot forward and not back out of the race. I also have a bike fit Monday for my new CAAD 10. Any ideas?? What could have caused this and is there hope? Staying off my feet is not an option since I teach 6th grade and coach my son's U-8 soccer team. Thanks

2013-09-12 8:29 AM
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Subject: RE: HELP!! Race in 2 weeks, swollen stiff knee...
One thought on a possible cause....from a fellow teacher (fifth grade). Is it possible you triggered the knee irritation by squatting or kneeling on the floor when working with kids? I find that 90% of my sore knees can be traced to doing this. A dead giveaway is if they occur when you haven't even trained, or just did a very easy workout, or arise in the classroom. I do a lot of one-on-one work with kids at their desks and even on the floor (reading and writing conferencing, helping with math) and it's natural to want to get down to their level. I've ended up just rolling around a small office chair (or carrying a cushion to sit with kids on the floor) when I confer with students, so I don't get tempted to squat or kneel and screw up my knees.

I'd try a few days of rest, ice, maybe some Advil, and NOT kneeling or squatting. If that still doesn't resolve things, see a doctor or PT for advice.
2013-09-12 10:20 AM
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Subject: RE: HELP!! Race in 2 weeks, swollen stiff knee...
That may be it (I was showing the difference in height and walking of early hominids). I have an appointment withe the doctor today because it has swollen up more even after being off my leg all night. (gone from small softball size, to grapefruit size) and not being able to fully extend my leg. So hopefully the prognosis is good.
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