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2013-09-30 9:20 AM

Subject: Training Places in Memphis

My husband I may be relocating to Memphis from Atlanta in the next few months and we're already thinking about where we will train. We heard about Shelby Forest and my husband will be needing long-distance training places. We prefer to ride off road if possible. Where are the best place for sprint/oly/half training for me as well as full Ironman training for my husband? We also heard about the YMCA downtown and Rhode College for a pool. We are looking to possibly live at Mudd Island or in the Midtown area and would prefer places nearby.

Any info you can provide so we can have a smooth transition with our new tri training places in a new city will be great.

I also wrote the Memphis Thunder Racing website a few times asking the same information. I hope to hear from them soon.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions as we are unfamiliar with the area. Appreciate your help!

2013-10-04 9:16 AM
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Memphis, TN
Subject: RE: Training Places in Memphis
For long training roads it's probably best for you to start downtown Mud Island and ride north to the next county on the back roads through Shelby Forrest. You can go east and hit the rural roads out toward Fayette Co. Very rural with less traffic. Lot's of bikes out that way hitting the roads.

2013-10-31 9:23 AM
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Bartlett, TN
Subject: RE: Training Places in Memphis
I'm a member of Memphis Thunder and have lived in Memphis for a long time. Glad to answer any questions you have about the club or the area. You can PM me or send me an email. Welcome to town!
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