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2013-10-07 7:54 AM

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Subject: Hi from The UK

My Name is Gareth, Im 26 and live in Milton Keynes, England.

I Have recently become a Proud first time father of a little boy named John. Before my girlfriend became pregnant I had been running and cycling alot and competing in distance races from 10k > full marathon. Im not the quickest person about...infact im fairly near the bottom every time i race (half marthon best time is 1h48, marathon is 4h50) but i race because i enjoy it.

When my girlfriend became pregnant I stopped all the training as well as giving up drinking as a show of solidarity (I know giving up exercise seems stupid because someone else cant do it as easily). My girlfriend was having a hard time with gaining the weight during pregnancy (emotionally that is) as she has always been very fit and slim.

Now that the baby is here we are free to return to training and I joined up here as i felt that it would be nice to add another string to my bow and take up the challenge of competing in triathlons although the time constraints of new baby + work means theres nowhere near enough time to train for Ironman distance so im gonna start out slow and do some sprints/olympic distance races locally, then hopefully when he's grown up a bit and any brother or sister have too then maybe i'll be able to dedicate the time needed for the insane distances.

Anyway thats me so far. I hope everyone is well.

Happy racing!

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2013-10-09 2:04 PM
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, Kronobergs lan
Subject: RE: Hi from The UK
Welcome and congratulations on becomin a dad,
2013-10-09 8:40 PM
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University Park, MD
Subject: RE: Hi from The UK
Congrats on the growing family, and welcome to BT. Hang around here for a while and you can learn a lot and meet some great people.

Most folks around here are from N America, but it's good to have more voices from across the pond. (I'm originally from Lincolnshire myself, but been over here for 23 years.) Your 1:48 half marathon might put you further back in fields in the UK, but over here it's eminently respectable - races tend to draw on a nice wide range of ages and speeds.
2013-10-10 7:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Hi from The UK
Yea that one was in quite a small feild and quite a flat race, where most of the runners were club runners and the spread was from around 1.10 - 1.55. Still Glad my times nots as bad as it could be. Hopefully I'll be able to get the pace back before long. Thanks for the support.
2013-10-10 2:58 PM
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Subject: RE: Hi from The UK
That was a typo...fastest time was 1.20.
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