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2013-10-12 1:45 PM

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Subject: Pain between shoulder blades
It really hurts. It feels like I have a stinger stuck in my back when I squeeze my shoulder blades together, or rub them.

2013-10-14 9:42 AM
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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: RE: Pain between shoulder blades
Try getting a massage..should help
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On my road bike after 45 minutes, I develop pain between my shoulder blades. It still persists unless I am on my tri bike.
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I've had shoulder problems since the very beginning of tri training. I did see an ortho who took x-rays and said I have a type II acromioin. I'd love to know some stretches to help my flexibility.
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Often I also see an imbalance in the front muscles of the shoulder, such as the pectoralis, and the back muscles, such as the rotator cuff and shoulder blade stabilizers. I would recommend:
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Differentiating between the different causes of rotator cuff-related pain is not important initially, because primary treatment for all of them is the same.