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2013-11-14 11:57 AM
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Montague Gold Mines, Nova Scotia
Subject: RE: when do I get faster?
Originally posted by clemson05

My approach is indeed a FIRST type program. My previous coach used it and it seemed to work well with my schedule.

My bike workouts are actually from trainerroad. I am using the sweet spot training plan right now so it keeps your workout below threshhold. It still gives me a good workout but the intensity is low enough that it does not leave me exhausted. I have been using my run days during the week for the higher intensity workouts and the bikes as a lower intensity (generally high zone 2 to mid zone 3 hr) between running days.

While the workouts may not leave you exhausted, sweet spot riding is not easy riding so basically you are alternating hard days with medium days and this is also not a great idea.


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