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2013-10-20 6:04 PM


Subject: Ironman Los Cabos March 30, 2014
just signed up for IM Los Cabos. Is anyone else doing it? I'm blogging my training and it's my first one. I'd love inspiration, suggestions and accountability partners. I am over on

2013-10-21 9:21 AM
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Edmonton, AB
Subject: RE: Ironman Los Cabos March 30, 2014
FWIW this is my race report from last time. Might have some stuff for you.
2013-10-21 7:46 PM
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Clermont, Florida
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Subject: RE: Ironman Los Cabos March 30, 2014
I'm in for LosCabos as well. I started a race group, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest among BTers. I think Colin's race report (thanks for the great info Colin and well done!) may have scared some folks off. Even with the bike changes, the hills look pretty relentless but not scary. Also, the heat may be a problem early in the year for northerners. BTW, there is a FaceBook group that is active.

IM LosCabos will be number 14 at the IM distance for me (if all goes well at IM AZ). Looking forward to some whale watching as well during the trip.
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