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2013-10-28 2:12 PM
in reply to: wwlani

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West Michigan
Subject: RE: CoJ intervention

Originally posted by wwlani I'm allergic to stevia

Sorry to hear it, that sucks...I use concentrated flavored stevia drops in so many things...There are some bizzare choices out there that can't be 100% natural but berry, watermelon, valencia orange to name a few, really improves the taste in whatever they're added to and are all natural...

Besides adding to tea, my 48oz nalgene waterbottle and plain yogurt get stevia added every time..

As for the OP, I can only drink coffee with french vanilla creamer and even then it has to be during the colder months....Nothing is worse in my opinion than a hot cup of anything on a hot day....Let alone gut rot which the premium coffees tend to do to me...

2013-10-28 4:40 PM
in reply to: bcraht

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Casa Grande, Az.
Subject: RE: CoJ intervention
Originally posted by bcraht

Is it ironic that this is posted in CoJ?

Beat me to it! Lol! It's a good thing.....look at the $ you will be saving.

2013-10-28 6:18 PM
in reply to: todds

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Sin City
Subject: RE: CoJ intervention

I switched to espresso.  YUM.

2013-10-29 5:30 PM
in reply to: jswayland

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Subject: RE: CoJ intervention
Originally posted by jswayland

Originally posted by tuwood

Originally posted by Aarondb4

Congrats on the new baby!


lol, that was my first thought as well.  

to the OP, i see this as a good thing.  I don't drink coffee and never have.  I save a ton of money.  

The only times in my life that coffee didn't work were when I was pregnant. It's a definite flag that something is up!

Absolutely ditto... gave up coffee for both my pregnancies. It totally grossed me out. The morning after the birth of both my daughters... I sent my husband to the nearest coffee joint to the hospital and got the most massive coffee available.

On a side point, I was struggling with some stomach issues this year and I tried giving it up as part of an elimination - needless to say, I ruled it out as the problem quite quickly.

2013-10-29 5:44 PM
in reply to: wwlani

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Portland, Oregon
Subject: RE: CoJ intervention
When I am sick I can't stand coffee. That's usually how I know that yes, I ream *AM* coming down with something.
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