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2013-11-01 10:56 AM
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Subject: RE: Predict my marathon time!

Originally posted by Sous

Originally posted by BrianRunsPhilly

3:42.01. Only because someone else said 3:42. Any chance I get to meet you there? I'll be volunteering, no clue where yet.

Clearly this will come down to seconds, so my 3:42:33 will be the spot on winner.  But I do like the price is right methodology! 

Yeah, I felt like being 'that guy.'

Hopefully I get to give her the medal. Last year I got to do this for some BT'ers I'd met up with before the race.

2013-11-01 11:15 AM
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Hamilton, IL
Subject: RE: Predict my marathon time!
My friend just ran a slightly more than 1:46 HM and gave it maybe 95% effort. She ran Chicago a little over a week later and did it in 3:38. You have more volume in the past year than she does by like 50%, but very similar volume in the couple of months preceding the race. Her age is 40 if that helps you compare a little more, too.

I just post this here, because I think that you can break that 3:40 based on the stuff I've seen from her and from your logs, but it's going to be psychological because of the treadmill stuff. You are clearly a way more experienced runner than I am, and I've only done a few HMs, but treadmill training just screws me up. I absolutely hate it, but consider it necessary for the winter portion of my training, having to do it immediately preceding a race would not be fun, especially using it for pace runs. That's the whole idea of a pace run, isn't it? get your body feeling the pace that it will be at during race?

Anyway, best of luck!

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