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2013-11-04 5:43 PM

Charlotte, NC
Subject: 2014 NCTS Point Scoring
I was just going though the changes for the 2014 NCTS series and I noticed the way points have been scored. the NCTS is now scoring the series within each category compared to the top 5 fastest finishers.

I have been saying for years that the point scoring is very biased towards the faster people in the series for award money and points, but this IMO is probably the best thing that Setup has done in years in the series. Now I at least will have a chance to be compared to my piers, not just the elite.

Maybe I can get a series placing this coming year, hell, maybe I may be able to win some prize money. Woot. Woot.

2013-11-04 7:00 PM
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Subject: RE: 2014 NCTS Point Scoring
interesting. I race in the open category (help me) so I imagine things will stay the same.

I did notice their refund policy has changed significantly. In that there are no refunds for any event. Only a deferment allowed. seems fair enough, but it would be nice if that translated to lower entry fees

I love that TheTTS was combined into NCTS. Finally there are Western NC race options.
2013-11-05 9:45 AM
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Charlotte, NC
Subject: RE: 2014 NCTS Point Scoring
I am thrilled about the Lake Logan Half. I am going to be signed up as soon as it opens for that one. I would expect it to sell out quick since it is close to the perfect time out from Chattanooga.

The refund vs defer isn't a big deal to me. I prefer the defer option since I usually want to still race but some people may have other idea's. Plus with the defer you aren't loosing 50% of your race entry fee.

Love the fact there is only one series now. Combining the TTS and the NCTS was definitely the right move.
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