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Subject: Aero Bars on Road Bike

I am still relatively new to the triathlon scene, but I did complete my first one this last summer and am really excited about continueing and improving. I did not blow the bank on a bike and purchased a Maron Argenta A6 Sora Road Bike 12 and it is great for me, but I was wondering about adding aero bars to it. Is adding aero bars to a road bike a good idea? Does is it actually work out for a road bike?

Any information you can provide would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help


2013-11-13 7:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Aero Bars on Road Bike
Some people do it, some despise it. I'm thinking of doing it to mine. Because of the road bike geometry, get mini bars like these get adjustable ones like the Profile-Designs T2+ but DONT ADJUST YOUR CURRENT FIT!!!!!
2013-11-13 7:50 PM
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Subject: RE: Aero Bars on Road Bike
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