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2013-11-19 3:24 PM

Phoenix, AZ
Subject: sports massage
Can anyone recommend a good local place for a post-Ironman massage? I would like someone familiar with sport-specific massage therapy.

2013-11-19 7:06 PM
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Queen Creek, AZ
Subject: RE: sports massage
Race Ready Massage

I haven't used her, but I've heard good things and when I finally use up all my Massage Envy "credits" I'm going to use her. So...let me know, if you use her, how she is.

2013-11-19 11:05 PM
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Subject: RE: sports massage

The term "sports massage" really only applies immediately before, or after, an event. Once days have passed it becomes a "maintenance" massage or something else. Any good massage therapist should be able to identify the muscles and areas that need attention.

Chiropractic clinics tend to have therapists that are less focused strictly on relaxation. Find one near you and see if they offer a first-time discount. I would recommend a 90 minute session. Be very clear with the therapist about what you want them to focus on (e.g. hamstrings, calves, feet, lower back, shoulders, etc) or if the list is too long tell them "I don't care about my arms, please focus on my legs" etc.

I wouldn't recommend a very deep tissue massage right now. You muscles have been through hell.

*source* I'm an LMT


2013-11-20 10:55 PM
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Subject: RE: sports massage

Hands down the best we've used...  Aubrey is amazing.  

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