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2013-12-15 7:34 PM

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Subject: "Other" activities
I wore my Garmin downhill skiing today and wanted to upload the file to the "sport" category.
But when I try to upload, my data, which I have the Garmin (910xt) set to "other" - automatically defaults to "swim".
The dropdown only allows "Other" data to be filed as swim, bike, or run.
How can I get "other" data to upload to Sport - or to something more specific (skiing, kayaking, etc)?

Also - completely unrelated, but I downloaded the mobile app to my Nexus tablet, but I can't enter my strength workouts on it - again, only swim, bike, or run workouts. Will the app be updated to allow me to enter workouts other than swim/bike/run?


2013-12-17 10:07 AM
in reply to: 7rider

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Raleigh, NC area
Subject: RE: "Other" activities

There is currently no way for Garmin data to be applied to non-tri sports.  Other sports are time based.

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