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2013-12-17 7:20 AM

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Subject: 12.17.13 Tuesday Training
Good morning BT!4:30am: 45 min run. Running/cycling with a heart rate monitor and knowing my zones has been a huge eye opener. I'm learning that I have been spending way too much time in zone 1 and need to work on staying up in zone 2 for longer periods of time. 5:15am: 45 minute strength trainingHave a great day!

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2013-12-17 10:01 AM
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Spokane, WA
Subject: RE: 12.17.13 Tuesday Training
Good morning,

Running some distance this evening, it's nice to not be training for anything and just picking whatever I want to do, that all changes starting January though.

Have a great day!
2013-12-17 10:07 AM
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Subject: RE: 12.17.13 Tuesday Training

Congrats on getting a HR monitor.  yeah- opens your eyes.  Generally- it keeps me from going too hard.


4:45am.  8.7mi road/trail.  Full Moon.  Turned my headlamp off and used the natural light of the moon for the run.

Saw a skunk trotting across the road.

Ran up reddington pass- hit the dirt road.  moonlight.  desert.  magnificent.  

upper 30's in the valley,  near 50 up on the mountain.

2013-12-17 9:57 PM
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Subject: RE: 12.17.13 Tuesday Training
Run earlier tonight:

Distance: 4.75 miles
Time: 46:44 minutes

I need new running shoes...I've been wearing Nike Air's for a while...have been wanting to take the plunge and try the Vibram Five Fingers, but my concern is having to perhaps adjust to an entirely different running stride. (this is what I have read/heard when being new to Vibram) They are not badly priced if you buy them online...I saw a few pairs for women tonight online for under $70!
2013-12-17 10:11 PM
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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: 12.17.13 Tuesday Training
Just another fantastic "2 Sport Tuesday!"

45 Min easy spin in the AM
4 Miles of running hills in the PM
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