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2013-12-17 9:21 AM

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Omaha, NE
Subject: Family Christmas Card Video

This is pretty good and they even have a few Triathlon shout outs.

This Family’s Viral Christmas Card Makes Your Family Look Lame (Video)

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Lake Havasu Tri 3/19/2011
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Triathlon is more than just three sports. For most of us it includes the real world of work, family and a host of other obligations. Only one problem: when and how much sleep should we get?
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How do I find a GP/family doctor that also understands swimming/running/biking
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This is not an easy task, especially for the “9-to-5er” with family. But you can do it – all without sacrificing your marriage, job or family.
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Be a better mother/wife/employee by putting yourself first.
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Triathletes taking the opportunity to reconginze the support of their family, friends and the love of their sports
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I heard an athletic trainer say that in life we have many setbacks. The key is to overcome these setbacks, but the question is how?
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My training was taking off. I had never felt stronger. I was making bigger strides than I ever had. I was stronger and faster than I had imagined myself ever being.