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2014-01-11 9:45 PM


, Victoria
Subject: Contemplating a return...
Hi all,

I am contemplating a return to multi-sport or triathlons after an absence of a good 3-4 years. The time away was in part been brought about by our relocation to Melbourne (where we now live) due to work, but also a growing weariness of cycling and just of how vulnerable one is on the roads. This last bit I think is what is holding me back. I've become almost gun-shy about getting back on the bike having had a few close calls, seen friends hit etc.

I really miss multi-sport/tri's and have thought about Xterra as an alternative, has anyone else got back on the bike, dealt with fears around the idiots on the road etc???


2014-01-13 2:41 AM
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Subject: RE: Contemplating a return...
Hi Matt77

I've only recently taken up cycling but like you I don't enjoy riding in traffic.

I do a lot of training on bike paths. Melbourne has a great network and it's pretty easy to clock up 100 km on paths. Eastlink is a good ride with a few hills but there are a few footbridges and roads to cross in some sections. Have a look at "Where to Ride - Melbourne". I'm sure you could find a suitable training ride in the book.

Also check out where some of the local cycling clubs race as they use quiet streets or tracks. I use the local track but it can be a bit boring doing laps for an hour or two.

Hope this helps.

2014-01-28 8:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Contemplating a return...

I hear you Matt, I have also lost training partners to bike vs car collisions.

I ride Beach road a lot. On the weekends I like the fact that there's safety in numbers. There's no parking along there until about 10am and locals know that its a well utilised stretch of road. That said I hardly ever get a weekend morning off, so I do a lot of my weekly riding there, but I tend to wait a little later until the commuting crowd have raged their way to work.

I also like Kew blvd for riding. Again dedicated bike lane on the road, good hills and can be light on traffic if you skip peak commuting times. I tend to head there if I don't want to be hassled by traffic.

If you're looking at Xterra type stuff get your mountain bike out to Lysterfield or the You Yangs for MTB trails!

All the best!

2014-01-31 2:48 AM
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Eltham North, Victoria
Subject: RE: Contemplating a return...
I recently did the Great Victorian Bike ride and trained exclusively on bike trails as Rod suggested. I've only done one Tri this season but remained competitive in my age group...not winning but not last. My performance on the bike has improved. I train on my mountain bike with slicks..race on a roadie. I'm not training on the road again.
If I need to do any longer rides on my roady I'll use the a Eastlink's pretty darn good.

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