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Subject: Focus on duathlon
I started doing triathlons a couple years ago (I've done two seasons).

I come from a running background and I enjoy biking. However, I am a very weak swimmer. I've done a couple duathlons in the past couple years and I really enjoy them.

Would it be reasonable to focus on duathlons (make those my "A" races) and then do triathlons just for fun / training exercises?

I'd do only duathlons, if I could, but there don't seem to be enough available to fill a summer.

2014-01-13 11:08 AM
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Wetaskiwin Canada
Subject: RE: Focus on duathlon
Hi Stephanie,
I don't know where you are located in Alberta an how many duathons you want to do, but I have found a number of them through out the year. I don't know if they are sprints or regular distance but you can check them out,

May 10th Drayton Valley Duathon
May 11th Spruce Grove
May 25th Sylvan lake
June 7th Halfmoon lake resort
June 7th off road Hinton
June 15th Edmonton
June 21st Elbow valley Calgary
July 19th Leduc
July 27th Devon
Aug 17th Miquelon Prov. park
Sept 21st Turner Valley

I think this will keep you quite busy through the year.
you can find them all on the Alberta triathlon website.
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