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2014-01-17 12:57 PM

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Subject: Brand Spanking new heart valve..Think it might have some carbon in it
Been 7 months since my spare part list got longer.
Been with a Bio for 3 months now and I think I might be ready to start training properly again at the end of the month after my next evaluation
Now.. the question...anybody here have had a valve replacement? and how did it affect your times and training?
Not that I have any expectations of major league glory. I just want to compete and complete for the fun and enjoyment of it.

2014-01-21 4:05 AM
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Subject: RE: Brand Spanking new heart valve..Think it might have some carbon in it
Which valve? I had my mitral valve repaired, I know other people who have had aortic valve replacement, related aneurysms repaired, etc. Experiences are different from individual to individual. I am slow but my condition has been stable for several years. I know others who perform very well.

I recommend posting your inquiry in the HEART forum. There are several people who can share their experience and help out with Q's you might have (and also contribute your own experience to the community body of knowledge).

BTW, if you want to interact with some of the members in person, there are upcoming running events this year where we'll be meeting.

2014-01-21 11:04 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Brand Spanking new heart valve..Think it might have some carbon in it

Got my mechanical aortic valve back in December 2000, at age 47.

Prior to my operation I was an avid weight lifter and occasional jogger, who had never seriously considered doing a triathlon.

Post-op my cardiologist asked me to limit my weight lifting, but told me I could do as much aerobic training as I could handle, provided I wore a HRM and spent most of my time in Z2 & Z3.

Although I was "functional" with in about 3-4 months, it took me 9-12 months to feel fully recovered.

All my aerobic exercise finally led me to do my first triathlon in Feb 2004, just over three years after my open heart surgery. 

I don't have any way to compare pre-op and post-op performance, since I didn't do anything before.  I can say that that I have had no cardiac issues since my surgery.  In fact, my resting HR has dropped from 72 bpm to 41 bpm since I got rid of my old leaky valve.

My biggest concern/limiter more and more seems to be my age (60) and dealing with increased recovery times, and some chronic over-use aches & pains.

Good luck with your comeback.



2014-01-21 4:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Brand Spanking new heart valve..Think it might have some carbon in it
Its taking me a bit of time to adjust but at least I can see some progress. Training mostly Z2 with peaks in Z3. I am going to see the bio next week and maybe get permission to spend a bit more time in Z3. Had my op in May last year.Prolapsed mitral valve. Still did a tri 2 weeks before and managed a ave speed of 33kph on the bike.
Slowly building up the volume of training. Mainly bike and run with a bit of lifting at least once a week. I think the secret would be to forget about what you did previously. That is past. I will never get there again but I enjoy this sport and just want to take part. Mentally its a huge adjustment for me. Somebody comes past me on a bike and I hop onto their back wheel. Its just habit and the the HR monitor starts beeping..slow down buddy you are screwing the pooch.
And the pace booty disappears over the hill ......
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