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Subject: Bike Insurance
At Velosurance all we do is insure bikes, and we are good at it.

You can get a free instant quote at http://velosurance.comand in another minute you get a firm quote good for 60 days to insure your bike no matter where you are riding in the U.S. and Canada. World Wide coverage is also available and USAC/USAT members get a 10% discount.

Bikes, wheelsets, and all accesories are insured for almost anything that can happen including theft, crash damage, racing, and driving into the garage with the bike on the roof rack. We do not depreciate bike values, if it's $10,000 today it's $10,000 in 5 years.

We welcome questions and are available @ 954-773-9909 every day from 9 to 9 EDT or EST (depending on the time of year). Everyone at Velosurance is a rider so whoever picks up you are talking to another cyclist.
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