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Subject: Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon : Official Thread

2014-02-08 8:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon : Official Thread
Last year was so very brutal. After two straight years of good weather, we paid the price. I almost threw in the towel at the end of lap one on the bike. I was miserable and just didn't want to be there anymore. The only thing keeping me going was that with the temps in the high 40's/low 50's, and the super flat course, I knew I could crush the run.

Its a good race, a bit costly fee wise, but fun. It draws a really strong field along with a fair amount of novice participants as well. If you're going thinking you'll try for a podium, you'll need to bring your 'A' game. Pretty sure we've had a thread going the last couple years that'll have more info. I'm going to miss it this year, opting to go to Toughman in Richmond that same weekend.
2014-04-17 7:35 AM
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Fort Wayne
Subject: RE: Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon : Official Thread

I won't compete at this race because of the price tag!  At $155, the price is 62% of a late entry into a large branded 70.3 race anywhere in the midwest.  That's an extreme price to pay!  I'm out!

2014-04-17 9:13 PM
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Subject: RE: Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon : Official Thread
Yeah, you're paying Chicago prices. It's only 20 minutes from downtown and a lot of the racers are from across the border. I hear you on the price, but unfortunately its the going rate in this neck of the woods. The Chicago Triathlon is the same price. Even 5k/10k run races in the city are going to run you 40-50 bucks. You'll pay half the price racing in Fort Wayne and down in Muncie. If I wasn't local, I wouldn't go near this race unless I wanted to put myself up against the competition it draws. If you're a serious triathlete, this is your field.
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