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2014-02-23 1:37 PM

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Subject: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs

What do people typically do to get fluids on long training rides and runs?  I'm doing my first HIM this year and need to figure out some purchases to take care of my long training days (I only have a single bottle cage at the moment).

I tend to take down 1-1.5 bottles per hour in training.  So a 4 bottle setup may get the job done for a HIM distance ride.  But it probably won't hack it on a really hot day or for longer rides.  Ultimately, how much hydration to you end up having built into the bike (bottles and other systems) to support your long training rides?  And how do you bridge the gap between what your bike holds and what you need?  I'm guessing gas stations or making loops and replenishing at your house or car.  

Same question on long training runs.  How much to you carry on you and how do you replenish mid-run?

2014-02-23 2:58 PM
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Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs

For the runs, just a Fuel Belt.  If it's really hot, and the run is approaching 3 hours, plan on either multiple loops to refill at your starting point, or stopping at a convenience store.

For biking, 2 frame cages, and a third bottle in a torpedo mount between the bars.  Again, this is enough for about 3 hours, so plan on either multiple loops or convenience stores to refill.  If loops or stops aren't an option, then adding two more bottles in a behind the saddle mount increases your capacity to 5 bottles.  For most people, this will carry you through 3-6 hour rides, depending on the temperature and individual fluid needs.


2014-02-24 6:49 AM
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East Syracuse, New York
Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs
1 on the bike, 3 in the bike jersey back pockets...sometimes a camel back. bring a couple bucks to get more if you need it. I love the camel back for long runs.
2014-02-24 8:26 AM
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New Jersey
Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs
For training rides: 2 bottles. Usually bottle per hour. I'll stop at a convenience store, or I'll bring powder mix in a baggie and stop at a park with a water fountain.

For training runs: varies. Fuel belt. Or I may stash a bottle at some far point on the course. Or multiple loops back to the car.

And just a note about races...I only carry one bottle on the bike and replenish at the water stops. For the runs, I don't carry anything.
2014-02-24 11:13 AM
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Canton, CT
Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs
I do something a little different for running. I like to design a few courses from my house that are between 3 and 5 miles long. Depending on how far I run that day I run loops of these courses. This way I do not need to carry any support but I have everything I need, including a bathroom, within a loops distance. This got me through my first marathon and now I generally practice this with any run over 8 miles. Just an idea.
2014-02-24 12:00 PM
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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs

I use a handheld bottle for long runs of an hour and up when its hot (I live in FL) I do loops back to my house and leave a cooler with bottles in my front yard.  For long bikes also do loops.  I can carry about 80oz with me on my bike and then loop back to my care to re-load.  Most of the trails I ride usually have places to stop for water so I could refill. I have also stopped at convience stores. 

2014-02-24 12:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs

Thanks for the replies everyone!  

So it seems that the most common practice is to have a plan to replenish along the way (via loops or planned stops) rather than go overboard on increasing your carrying capacity to avoid refills.  But probably carry more than what you would on race day since refills will be less frequent.


2014-02-24 5:28 PM
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Bellingham, WA
Subject: RE: Getting fluids on long training rides/runs

I had been using a fuel belt for my long runs but got a Nathan hydration pak this summer and I much prefer it.  On a long run/ride I am glad to have it for the extra fluids and pockets for food, cell phone, etc.

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