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2014-03-06 4:37 PM
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Boise, ID
Subject: RE: Funniest things your kids have said
When my son was 3, he is almost 20 now, I had to talk to him about something naughty that I knew he did, although I wasn't actually there. His reply was "you din (not didn't) see me". (with emphasis on "see")

2014-03-07 10:25 PM
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Hollister, CA
Subject: RE: Funniest things your kids have said
Overheard this conversation between my kids -

Sophia 9yrs (yelling from bathroom)-Tucker!!!!! Come and flush the toilet!!!
Tucker 7 yrs (yelling back from living room)- What?! I didn't do it!
Sohia- YES YOU DID! Come and flush it!
Tucker- (gets up and walks to the bathroom and says---) That is NOT my poop! My poop is WAY bigger than that!



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2014-03-08 4:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Funniest things your kids have said
This is a cute post!

When my son was 3 he LOVED Batman. I had just got out of the shower, I was naked in my room with the door closed getting dressed. I was bending over a hamper of clean laundry finding underwear to put on. My son barged in on me, and FROZE in his tracks. He stood there staring at me and said in a very excited voice, "Mom, you have wings!" (large sagging breasts from a total of five years combined breast feeding 3 kids.) I was now right up there with Batman! (surgical consult followed soon after
2014-03-08 9:10 PM
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Boise, Idaho
Subject: RE: Funniest things your kids have said

Originally posted by NXS Can I have a car?


Yep, I got kids like that, too!

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