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2014-03-14 4:41 PM

London, Ontario
Subject: Welland Half Now Needs A New Name
Once again and for legal reasons, Multisport Canada will now have to change the name of the Welland Long Course Triathlon. We will need a name to describe the Welland race that does not include the word "iron" or the term "70.3".

Taking place on June15, 2014, the Welland Triathlon consists of a 2K Swim, a 90K Bike and a 21.1K run. The swim is in the clean and clear waters of the Welland Recreational Waterway, the scenic bike course winds its way through the beautiful Niagara Region, and the run course travels on fitness trails along the Welland Recreational Waterway.

As we did with the Niagara Falls Barrelman, rather than coming up with the name ourselves, we have decided to take the opportunity to launch a contest to name the race.

We will be giving away a free entry to the race to the person who submits the name chosen by our selection committee. The contest will be open until noon on March 28, 2014. The winning name will be announced on Monday March 31, 2014.

Please submit your race name suggestions to [email protected]

2014-03-18 10:15 AM
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Mooretown, Ontario Canada
Subject: RE: Welland Half Now Needs A New Name
following the same theme, I like the "Welland Canalman", or the "Canal-man Triathlon"

I'm signed up and really looking forward to this race.


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