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2014-03-18 4:00 PM

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Charleston, SC
Subject: New to Nashville, Looking to Ride

The title pretty much says it all, I just relocated to Nashville and am looking to jump on some group rides.  If yall have any good ones in the area I'd love to check them out!

2014-03-18 4:35 PM
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Franklin, TN
Subject: RE: New to Nashville, Looking to Ride

Welcome!  If you live on the west side, Trace Bikes sponsors group rides.  I rode with them on Tue & Thurs afternoons last summer..they run a 24 mile loop from their shop (starting at 6:00) when we start having enough light to get everyone in.  I think they also sponsor some Saturday group rides but I haven't done one yet...I reserve Saturday a.m. for taking my Lab to the park.

Here is a link to their sponsored rides:


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