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2014-03-24 3:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Faster pull than swim

Originally posted by leftrunner
Originally posted by bwalling
Originally posted by leftrunner OK, yeah, I figured it was something like what everyone is saying. So, now how to best fix my issues? Any thoughts on Youtube channels or books to specifically help on form issues? Maybe a coach for a few sessions?
The Total Immersion stuff gets a lot of mention around here. My local municipal pool has a $30/month Masters swimming program that has a pretty good coach. Cheaper than private lessons, and he actually provides some feedback rather than just workout sets.
Funny you should mention TI. I learned how to swim with TI in 2008-9. Maybe I need to get out the book and DVD and do a refresher. Thanks!

Here's a good BT video with Terry that I like to watch every now and then.  Balance part is what I always pay attention to around the 32' mark.

2014-03-24 6:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Faster pull than swim

Originally posted by jonnyo i do lots of pull sets.... brett sutton athletes does a lot of those also, joel filliol also. we like to swim at the front of the race...we like to get hard swim in even on days when we rode 5h or after a hard track workout. pull boey is a great tool in the right time.

I run into this problem fairly often. What kind of guidelines have you used in deciding how to do it?

2014-03-24 8:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Faster pull than swim
After long ride, i see it as a excellent way to get a good swim session in doing long pull set.

After hard tempo/track workout, another excellent time to get the athletes in the pool for a pull set at lower hr...focusing on technical aspect and getting more meters in...

On the other hand, a lot of the swim session will be swim with no pulls...those are the key session that are the priority of the day.

it s simply a matter of using the tools you have to increase the training load. Very effective for triathlete....
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