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2014-03-25 2:42 PM

Norman, OK
Subject: Am I crazy?
I am signed up to run my first marathon on April 27. I've completed a half marathon and a half ironman in the last 2 years. I've been training for this race since fall of last year. On march 1, I hurt my Achilles tendon on my right ankle and haven't been able to run at all over the last 3 weeks, until this morning, when i ran an easy 2 miles. My longest training run up to this point was 12 miles, which I completed in late February. I've missed what was supposed to be most of my build-up phase of training. Am I crazy to think that I can still complete my first marathon in less than 5 weeks or should I drop down and just run the half? All opinions are welcome. Thanks.

2014-03-25 3:19 PM
in reply to: stegaman

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Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
I would drop out completely. NO WAY I would run the full. Maybe the half if you plan on taking it easy. Things you really need to focus on 1. You haven't ran in 3 weeks. 2. Your longest run was 12mi back in Feb. 3. Achilles problems (nothing to mess with). To me taking those 3 things into consideration you looking at a disaster! Live to run another race.
2014-03-25 3:26 PM
in reply to: EKH

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Sin City
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?

I thought there were people with knowledge in this area?  I think they are called doctors or something?

Seriously.  If I could only run an "easy" two miles after an injury 5 weeks out?  No way I would do it and I don't need a doctor to tell me that.  You got to get some miles in over time and see how it's reacting/healing.


2014-03-25 3:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Am I crazy?

I don't think you are crazy to think you can complete the marathon. You probably could. But at what cost? Aside from the fact that you are very undertrained, It sounds like you might not even be fully recovered from your injury yet. Doing a marathon that undertrained already puts you at a high risk for injury, let alone the injury you already have. 

If it were me, I would drop my registration down to the half and continue to run easy and see how the next few weeks go. Then make a decision on whether or not THAT distance is a good idea based on if the achilles pain stayed away or not. Even completing the half might put you at risk.


There are a million marathons out there and I think you would enjoy your first marathon experience a lot more getting to the start feeling prepared. 

2014-03-25 3:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
Postpone it for another time. The marathon is a tough race when you train for it. Don't go in not ready.
2014-03-25 3:58 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
I just finished my second full marathon this past weekend & I let my training slip, but I was still getting my mid-week short runs in. I can tell you that if you aren't even getting the short runs in, let alone the long weekend runs, I would bail on the race. The last thing you want is to have a really crappy experience at your first full marathon & have it spoil you on them for the future.

Get healthy, get back to basics, and build yourself back up to where you are ready. Then look at signing up for a full in the Fall.

2014-03-25 3:59 PM
in reply to: Asalzwed

Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
You probably can, just like I finished my HM. I "valiantly" soldiered through it, despite some bad ITBS pain on my last few long runs. Well, that was Feb.16 and I haven't been able to run a step since. I'm in a walking boot as we speak due to a stress fracture in my foot caused by hobbling/limping through the last half of the race.

So yeah in my case I REALLY wish I had just stayed in bed that morning and fought another day. No way I would regret not racing as much as I regret the last 6 weeks of constant pain
2014-03-25 5:21 PM
in reply to: stegaman

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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
DROP OUT NOW. You were injured, and might be injury prone. But if your longest training run is 12 miles chances are you don't have the base (now or ever in the past). You do not want to chart into unknown territories returning from an injury.

Personally even a half marathon 5 weeks back from recovery is crazy to me.

If you like to run, take care of your body now and don't push so you'll be able to do it later.

Defer your entry until next year if possible. 5 weeks out is a reciepe for disaster. Even if you finish, it probably won't be in good health and will most likely be at the expense if your running fitness/future.
2014-03-25 7:48 PM
in reply to: Brian W

Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
Don't mess with your achilles. You rupture that bad boy and you're on crutches for 6 months+.
2014-03-25 8:01 PM
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New user
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
I wouldn't run it having only gone up to 12. I bailed last minute on my first marathon attempt in 2012 (for a reason unrelated to training). Got back at it this year and did one. There will be others for you too. If you can't talk yourself out of it (and I've been there too for races), make your priority finishing upright and with a smile and go super easy.
2014-03-26 6:23 AM
in reply to: braciole

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Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
I've done what you're considering and I would advise against it. I had six years of reasonably consistent running under my belt but an injury cost me a lot of training in the four months leading up to the race.

The first half was fine and fun. The second half was a miserable war of attrition, painful and boring. I've a medal that means nothing and is associated with no happy memorie and the weekend cost me a lot of money (it was in Amsterdam).

Part of the satisfaction of a race is knowing that you put the work in and earned the right to be there. The race is just a culmination of training.

Aside from that, the injury you are toying with is extremely serious. If you don't respect your Achilles, you could pay an expensive price.

2014-03-26 9:35 AM
in reply to: Dan-L

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Extreme Veteran
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
Have you consulted with a doctor? A few years ago I had problems with my Achilles Tendon, it took about two months of easy running and icing it every night before it healed. Rather than risk re-injuring it I canceled a couple of races (a 10K and HM).

If I were you I would cancel the race and find one later in the year. As others have noted, you don't want your first marathon to be a miserable experience, so wait until you are healthy and properly trained so that you can give it your best.
2014-03-26 1:31 PM
in reply to: stegaman

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Portland, Oregon
Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
You could do it...anyone out there who has done a semi-recent HM COULD get through a marathon.
  • ..but it would suck. It will be absolutely terrible. Afterwards, you might have a little glow of accomplishment, but it will be dwarfed by a terrible day, definite pain and probably more injury. You'll most likely come off it with a bad taste for running that would last a long time.
  • Its not worth it! Take it easy and enjoy the rest. Start scouting for a fall marathon that you'd begin a training program in June or July.
    2014-03-26 4:00 PM
    in reply to: rick4657

    Norman, OK
    Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
    yes, I've consulted with a podiatrist and have been in physical therapy for 2 weeks. both have cleared me to resume running and have said that what I choose to do is up to me. This is why I'm seeking advise from those who've been here before.
    2014-03-26 4:05 PM
    in reply to: stegaman

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    Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
    Achilles issues are very tricky. I have struggled with Achilles tendonitis off and on for the past four years. Sometimes it seems like it's just a nuisance, and I can stretch and ice and it gets better. However, I lost almost a year of training because I ran long on a cranky achilles and then did a hard hill workout. Hard runs-- and races-- were always the worst.

    Ryan Hall also had to drop out of the Olympic marathon in 2012 because of a bad achilles.

    So.... it's hard to tell but if it were me there would be no way I'd do the marathon.
    2014-03-26 6:39 PM
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    Extreme Veteran
    Silicon Valley
    Subject: RE: Am I crazy?
    I have had two bouts with Achilles tendonitis in the past two years. If you are only three weeks since the injury you are already putting your season in jeopardy IMO. As has been said above, this is a tricky injury to come back fully from. While there are some exercises that help, time is the best medicine for this injury.

    I have two pieces of advice.

    1. See a doctor and let him/her tell you how bad it is and when you can start stressing it again.

    2. In absence of #1 above, shut it down and live to fight another day. Tendonitis is a pain, literally and figuratively. But a full tear can easily cost you a full year.

    I just don't see the upside in pushing your luck here.

    2014-03-26 6:56 PM
    in reply to: stegaman

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    Subject: RE: Am I crazy?

    achilles issues (and I've got a lot of personal experience with mine) are different for everyone.  You haven't described exactly how your achilles felt, but without a proper build up, you're likely to get half way into that marathon and it starts to get really painful, creaking, etc.  At which point you attempt to finish it anyway and spend the next 6 months limping.

    or not.  anything can happen- but, regardless, you don't have time to do a proper build for this marathon.  you've got 1, maybe 2 weeks of training.  you can see what happens if you try to do 35 miles this week, then 40-45 next week, then taper.  In all likelihood, it won't go well. But, it's worth a try.  

    remember- you can't cram for these things.  it takes a minimum of 10 days for your body to adapt to the stress of exercise, and much longer than that to begin to build upon prior adaptations.  

    my thought:  be a Volunteer at the race.

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