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Can you...
no14 Votes - [22.22%]
a little bit23 Votes - [36.51%]
like a boss10 Votes - [15.87%]
wtf is a trackstand16 Votes - [25.4%]

2014-03-27 4:04 PM
in reply to: jeng

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Subject: RE: Can you...

Can't do it yet (never tried) but it is a skill I'd love to add someday.

2014-03-27 7:27 PM
in reply to: Left Brain

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Subject: RE: Can you...

Originally posted by Left Brain

Oh....wait....i didn't know we were talknign about being BOSS.  That only truly happens when you are at a red light, you fall over, and your face is pressed against the window of the car you were next to.

What about if you bounce off said car and land behind?  Cause then I'm Springsteen!

2014-03-27 9:03 PM
in reply to: Guest

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Subject: RE: Can you...
I only know what this is because my cyclist hubby is working on these. I am still busy making sure I don't fall over when I unclip at a stoplight. Getting much better though! Lol
2014-03-27 9:40 PM
in reply to: briderdt

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Subject: RE: Can you...
Originally posted by briderdt

Been doing it for years. Makes restarts at traffic lights a lot easier.

I can't (haven't learned yet) do it so I rely on getting to know the traffic light patterns so I can slow down if necessary to hit the light just as it changes back to green. You would be amazed at how good you can get at it and never have to stop at a light.
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