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2014-04-12 4:19 AM

Subject: Bolton Ironman UK
Hello all

I just took part in full ironman in south africa, unfortunately i did not complete the race :-(

i was 20 mins late for the bike cut off time and they did not allow me to take part in the run, if they did i would have finished as the the run is my strongest out of the 3. Bike course was tough, hilly and a lot of wind

now i am very eager to take part in another full distance to finish, the only race that falls under the right time is the one in bolton. However i have a feeling its going to be on the same level of difficulty.
i am unsure if 3 months is enough time to ensure i sort the fitness out on the bike.
been trying to figure out why i didnt make it, could be over training prior the race.

if any one has done this race or can compare it to the south africa ironman i would appreciate any advice. this year they changed the route for south africa and decided to add the hills. i understand the bolton has been changed too
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