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2014-04-30 9:59 AM

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Crab Cake City
Subject: How would you Adjust Training Plan??
Next week I leave for a 4 day bike ride that covers approximately 260-280miles. We average about 65-75 miles a day and the ride usually takes 7-8hrs due to rest stops, ceremonies, etc. I am currently following Finks plan for my first IM this August so I was curious as to how to follow the plan on this bike ride by seeing how far to brick on two of the days. I will not have access to a pool so unfortunately, no swimming. Below is the schedule:

Thursday- 65mile ride

Friday- 78mile ride *Training plan calls for 1:15run on Friday*

Saturday- 68 mile ride

Sunday- 60mile ride* Training plan calls for Long Run Day- 1:30 this week*

Monday- Scheduled off day

Tuesday- 1hr run *plan on doing this as I have all day free and will be in Washington DC so planning on getting in a nice run here around the monuments*

I was wondering if it would be detrimental to my training to brick the full runs on both days after biking that far or if I should modify them (maybe just modify the Friday run since I still have 2 days of riding after)?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

2014-04-30 10:35 AM
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Media, PA
Subject: RE: How would you Adjust Training Plan??

Brick any/all/none of the days depending how you feel (i.e., go zero/15min/30min/90min).  Missing a few runs is not going to derail your August IM.  Doing some short runs and missing your long run should also not be an issue.  Enjoy the riding.  Do some segments hard if you have the opportunity.

2014-04-30 11:08 AM
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Boise, ID
Subject: RE: How would you Adjust Training Plan??


Only you know how your legs are going to react to that. But it sounds like one heck of a beating to me. That is a decent chunk of bike mileage, then to go beat on your legs for a long run in the middle of it could be a bad call.

I don't think skipping the runs is going to hurt an August IM at all. So run if you feel like it but don't think you have to do exactly what the plan calls for IMO.

2014-04-30 11:10 AM
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Subject: RE: How would you Adjust Training Plan??
I would do short bricks of 25/35 minutes after all the rides and call it a day. Plenty of training time before August, and you have a nice bike focused weekend with this.
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