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2014-06-25 9:27 AM

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Prairie Village, Kansas
Subject: Morning SMP Ride/Run
Short notice, but there is a small group meeting at Shawnee Mission Park tomorrow for a few loops and a brick run of the short course (I'm assuming). Should be a nice and fun morning, and would still give you time to get home and watch USA vs Germany (you should have already called in sick to work...).

8:00am at the Marina. (sorry Barkeep....)

2014-06-25 9:49 AM
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Olathe, KS
Subject: RE: Morning SMP Ride/Run
I'll be thinking about you all as I sit sedentary in front of my computer screen.
2014-06-25 10:10 AM
in reply to: Barkeep

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Subject: RE: Morning SMP Ride/Run
I'll be thinking about you all too. If anyone wants to meet at 4:30a instead, let me know.
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