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BT Development New Products and Sales! » Up to 70% off at Rss Feed  

Nearly 50% off HoneyMaxx!

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2014-07-11 12:08 PM HoneyMaxx

Everyday Endurance 25% Off Special

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2010-11-02 4:07 AM Everyday Endurance

2009 Zoot Shoes 30% Off

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2009-09-11 10:13 PM sulross

Cross Train with Yoga in the Off Season

Started by Ron
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2008-11-06 8:39 AM Ron

Tri Swim Coach Offers $100 off for Triathlete’s Argentina Training Trip

Started by Ron
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2006-12-19 12:02 PM Ron
date : November 19, 2013
author : Team BT
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Step-Up exercise instruction with pictures and video
date : August 7, 2009
author : Coach AJ
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Looking to rent or try-before-you-buy race wheels for your next triathlon? Coach AJ checks out the service at RaceDay Wheels.
date : September 3, 2006
author : acbadger
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The off-season is the best time to fine tune your skills and prepare yourself for the next season. It is also time for you to gain some strength and get a little rest after a long season of training.
date : August 1, 2006
author : TriathlonRadio
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In this first BT podcast, we interview JeepFleeb on his start into triathlons, powercranks and his weightloss journey.
date : July 2, 2006
author : acbadger
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Is there a magic number of days off for your training plan? Is it a one size fits all or an an individual choice?
date : March 5, 2006
author : TH3_FRB
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The goal is to get stronger while your swim, bike and run training schedule is relatively light and you can afford to hit the weights hard a couple times each week.
date : March 5, 2006
author : DominiqueL
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This company has quietly introduced the Inflatable Foot Rinse. It’s lightweight, portable, and solves all of the issues inherent in the ubiquitous plastic bucket.
date : October 30, 2005
author : Ron
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D3 Multisport and have combined forces to bring high quality training programs to athletes of all abilities, especially new and beginner triathletes.