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Broncos Back to Football 7k - Run

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Denver, Colorado
United States
70F / 21C
Total Time = 51m 47s
Overall Rank = 2512/6328
Age Group = F4049
Age Group Rank = 219/714
Pre-race routine:

We left home at about 6PM Saturday evening and grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell as we left town (this is one of those foreshadowing things that writers do). We got to the in-laws at about 1:00AM. We'd discussed staying at a hotel but MIL wanted us to stay at the house while they were gone. Well two of the nephews and a friend of theirs were drinking on the back deck when we got there. DS1 and DS2 hung out with them for a bit while DH and I went to bed. When the noise didn't calm DH told the boys it's bed-time. At that point our boys went to bed and the nephews continued to drink and be loud until about 3:30.

I got up at about 6:30 and contemplated eating because my stomach had been bothering me through the night. I decided to have a piece of toast with pb and risk the stomach issue to not run out of energy. The race started at 9 and I knew I'd be starving by then. DS2 and I left the house at about 7, hit SBux and drove to BRONCO STADIUM!!!!!!!! We found a place to park and went to packet pickup. I am thankful for an "L" last name because the A line and the M line were really really long.

We walked back to the car to drop of our swag bags, hit the porta john then walked to the start corral. The pre race festivities were a lot of fun and the Bronco camaraderie was cool. With some texting we were able to hook up with Laffinrock and chat a bit before the race started.

Then the National Anthem, then the para-athletes, then GO!
Event warmup:

Walk back and forth to the car again. Once again the ITBS was bugging me before the start but fine once we got going
  • 51m 47s
  • 7 kms
  • 07m 24s  min/km

Told DS2 to go ahead from the start. Cruised along with M at a great speed and was feeling pretty good... until about a mile in. Then I knew I was going to need a port-a-loo. So I started looking. It was starting to feel like there was going to be an incident and then I spotted one at the park. I told M to go on but she said she'd wait. Unfortunately it was a long wait (sorry M). We got going again but not even a half mile later I knew this was going to be the theme of the day so I sent M ahead so I could slow make my pace a bit more "gingerly". Again I started watching for the next port-a-loo. That one was, unfortunately or fortunately, at a construction site. Long before this rest stop I could see the stadium aka the finish line. After the last stop I thought I could make it to the finish without further incident, and I did. We ran to the stadium, then AROUND the OUTSIDE of the STADIUM! Then in through the Broncos entrance. They billed it as a finish on the 50 yard line but we were really on the sidelines of the sidelines. Once I came through the entrance the crowd was barely moving and I had probably 25 meters to cross the finish mat!!!!!!! I was tempted to take off my bib (timing chip) and throw it across (M said she was able to push across and DS2 finished fast enough it wasn't a problem).

Garmin says that minus the port-a-loo stops and the slow stroll to the finish I did this one in 46:37. Unfortunately I really didn't get to enjoy the great course that this race covered.
What would you do differently?:

Still need to work on my running/training/recovery but this one was all about the GI issue.
Post race
Warm down:

I walked through and got my medal (DS2 was given his by a Broncos Cheerleader placing it around his neck. Mine was handed to me, folded up in a bag, by some short fat lady in orange). Then found M and together we found DS2. The crowds were too heavy to enjoy any of the post race festivities. We could barely walk in there so we opted to go for brunch.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Taco Bell

Event comments:

I'm calling the post race activities average because we couldn't enjoy them. There were some neat things going on including food, Broncos autographs, bands, massages etc but the crowds were so thick we could barely walk and the lines for all of those things were ridiculous.

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Last updated: 2014-08-22 12:00 AM
00:51:47 | 07 kms | 07m 24s  min/km
Age Group: 219/714
Overall: 2512/6328
Performance: Below average
Course: Along the Denver city streets to Sloans Lake then back to (and around) Sports Authority Field to finish on the "50 yard line"
Keeping cool Average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Average
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 2
Good race? Ok
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2014-09-04 1:21 PM

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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: Broncos Back to Football 7k

2014-09-04 2:55 PM
in reply to: #5046903

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Subject: RE: Broncos Back to Football 7k

Oh, no! Taco Bell = Taco HE11!  Too bad it spoiled your ability to enjoy the course and the race.  Too bad about the crowds, too.  Sounds like it could've been managed a bit better?  Anyway, congrats for getting through the race without any, uh, incidents.  I wouldn't want you to live on in infamy on the internet.  Congrats to DS as well, and so cool that you could meet up with laffinrock! 

2014-09-04 3:26 PM
in reply to: melbo55

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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: Broncos Back to Football 7k

Yeah, when I told coach about it he just put his hand on his forehead and shook his head. I rarely eat fast food so this was not a stellar choice.

2014-09-04 5:54 PM
in reply to: rrrunner

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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: Broncos Back to Football 7k

I really had fun getting together with you and DS2 and am looking forward to more races together in the future.  That 3rd picture pretty much captures the finishing line - emphasis on *line*.  Glad you got to enjoy some of the pre-race festivities.  I didn't really get to see much of that because I was so busy trying to find you.  Maybe if I'd gotten there a little sooner....  I hope they get the post-race crowd handling figured out for next year - it was a more than a little chaotic.  I'm amazed you were up for brunch afterwards, although maybe that hour we had to wait for a table gave your belly time to simmer down. 

2014-09-07 8:03 AM
in reply to: #5046903

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Englewood, Florida
Subject: RE: Broncos Back to Football 7k

Awesome job TJ. Now, next on your list, get the stomach thing figured out!

2014-09-09 12:29 AM
in reply to: cdban66

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Subject: RE: Broncos Back to Football 7k

Taco Bell before a race? I second coach's reaction.  Though I would've had more issue with the minimal sleep. Only about 3 hours? eek!

This sounds much like Pat's Run with the stadium and crowds and finishing. After two years, we've figured out it's more about the "experience" than the time. Just look at the pics you have now. Next year, though, make sure you finish before the cheerleaders hand off medal duty to the short, fat ladies in orange.

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