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Delco, PA
Subject: Schedule: ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago

Not sure where the original release is from, but I just saw the proposed schedule via the "USAT TeamUSA" Facebook group.  Copied and pasted via Dave Campbell of that group:

Proposed Schedule - ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago 
With the exception of the open age-group race, dates are subject to change.
Date Event 
Sept. 16 Aquathlon World Championships 
Sept. 17 Under-23 World Championships - Women 
Sept. 17 Under-23 World Championships - Men .
Sept. 17 Junior World Championships - Women 
Sept. 18 Junior World Championships - Men 
Sept. 18 Sprint World Championships - Age-Group 
Sept. 18 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final - Elite Women
Sept. 19 Open Age-Group Sprint Race 
Sept. 19 Paratriathlon World Championships 
Sept. 19 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final - Elite Men .
Sept. 20 Standard World Championships - Age-Group

I'm a first-time Worlds qualifier, so I"m not really sure how everything flows throughout that week.  I'm racing in the standard distance age group championships.

I was planning on arriving late Friday night.  Will I be able to do everything (packet pick-up, transition set-up, etc.) on Saturday the 19th, then race on Sunday the 20th?  Or would that be too late for some reason?


Edit: official press release is here:

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2014-12-09 8:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Schedule: ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago
Ugh, another week with Columbus Drive being shut down. Not very excited about this from a commuting perspective. If they run the same course as 2014, they'll be shutting down LSD daily. It's one thing to shut it down on a weekend in June. . . its entirely another thing to shut it down daily for four straight days after Labor Day in September. And then they'll be shutting down Lower Wacker for multiple days. I guess we've lived with long term closures on that road in the past, but talk abut some really annoyed commuters.

I really hope they've pre-cleared all of this by the city. They had a lot of delays last year and the rumor is that the city kept shooting down their route plans due to traffic concerns. If they got all up in arms about a weekend race, think about what they are going to be saying for several days of races. Honestly, I'm shocked the city agreed to this in the first place. Though I suppose this isn't remotely as bad as the stupidity that surrounded the summer Olympics bid from a few years ago.
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